Frequency Healing Case Study

The Magic of Frequency Based Remedies

Proof of Function

The FDA issued a cease and desist order to RLC, the company that manufactures Nature-Throid and Westhroid. These prescription desiccated natural thyroid medications were claimed by the FDA to possess only 90% active ingredients.

As a result, many people who were on these essential medications were deprived of life-saving prescriptions. One such case was Sherwood Goldman. As a result of the discontinuance of the Nature-Throid, he was forced to obtain Armour thyroid, which is also a prescription.

Unfortunately, Armour thyroid has corn in it as a filler/binder material. Since 90% of the available corn is genetically modified, this medication can be potentially dangerous to anyone who is allergic and also it has the potential to decrease its effectiveness. This was the exact scenario that unfolded for Sherwood. After taking the Armour thyroid medication, he noticed that he had to take additional doses to help maintain his energy. Even with the additional doses, he still did not experience the sense of well-being that was afforded him with the Nature-Throid.

When he mentioned this to me, I immediately suggested use of another prescription medication, Westhroid. Unfortunately, this medication was also not available because it was produced by RLC and the FDA’s cease and desist order also applied to this medication.

Utilizing sophisticated electronic equipment, I was able to capture the frequencies of the Westhroid medication and imprint it into water. Miraculously, Sherwood informed me that this frequency-based product restored his energy and sense of well-being. Many “scientists” base their opinions on double-blind studies, however, repeatable clinical observations of numerous patients also give one proof of function. If a rock thrown out of a window goes up instead of down, how many double-blind studies does one have to do to establish its statistical significance!

It has been said that adversity is the Mother of Creativity and this certainly applies to resolving scarcity of essential medications. The Frequency Shop will be providing frequency-based products to assist those who cannot obtain the original prescriptions. As a Knight Hospitaller of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, it is my duty to assist those in need of medical care. The Frequency Shop was established to meet the needs of the population who are being denied access to essential remedies to resolve the effects of the “Plandemic” that is upon us.

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