Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective exposure is to imprint a bottle of spring water and drink throughout the day. In addition to drinking the energy-charged water, it is recommended that you expose the thymus gland (beneath the top of your breast bone) for one minute and also drink the imprinted water. The imprinted water will immediately disseminate the frequencies throughout the entire body and produce a more effective result. The exception to this recommendation applies to the use of the detox program. Two ounces of imprinted water should be used in the morning only. This is designed to avoid potential adverse reactions.

The clear program electronically wipes/erases out ALL frequencies in water or any other material being cleared. The energized water program imprints beneficial frequencies like scalar energy to enhance the energy of the water or material being imprinted.

Because scalar energy helps to repair your DNA, neutralize the toxic frequencies of heavy metals, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.), and chemicals, and lastly it stimulates stem cells to repair your body.

Since water is a crystal, the frequencies will last for months.

Any where from fifteen seconds to three minutes.

Yes. Just select an appropriate program and imprint a bottle of water; pour two ounces into their water bowl and let them drink.

If you are treating a specific illness, it is recommended that the frequency program should be used every day until the pet recuperates. If you are looking to prevent a health issue use it three times a week.

Yes. Keep the water bottle away from any strong magnets, cell phones, computers, routers, microwave ovens, or other electrical devices. Water will be imprinted by any ambient EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and contaminate the water.

The longer you have the illness the longer you will have to use the imprinted water. As an example, a person who has been sick for seven years may require up to a year to heal. The shorter the illness, the quicker you will heal. A rule of thumb is to use the imprinted water for each month of illness. A person who has been sick for six months will require six months of usage. The more toxic the person, the longer it will take to heal.

No. The scalar energy assists the body in returning it back to normal. Scalar energy is the universal energy that makes everything work.

The scalar energy and 18 healing frequencies plus the Pain-Away II Program both work to energize your body. It is recommended that you take the imprinted water earlier in the day and before three pm since it tends to energize your body. Drinking it before bedtime will keep you up.

No. The frequencies will easily penetrate the cell membranes assisting repair and increase permeability. Your cells should hydrate more easily while using the imprinted scalar energy program.

The only conflict is that the scalar energy program will enhance the action of your vitamins and you may have to adjust the dosages downward.

The energy pattern of the program can cause medications to be potentiated, that is, work more effectively and also detox them faster than normal. The only way to know is to use the program and monitor any changes.

It depends on the frequency program being used. The detox program definitely has the potential to cause detox symptoms. It is recommended that all frequency programs start slowly to reduce any potential reactions. If imprinting into water, take one ounce for several days to see how your body reacts. If you have numerous health issues and taking several medications, the chances are that you have a high probability of experiencing detox reactions: rashes, diarrhea, headaches, fever, achy joints, fatigue, and other flu-like symptoms.

It is recommended that 18 inches to two feet are a safe distance to protect the imprinted water. You should never keep any water near a router or other device that emits EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

Use of the scalar energy program will enhance any other program. If using the detox frequency, it is recommended to use it alone and flush your system with water throughout the day. The use of too many frequencies at once can overburden the body and potentially cause an adverse reaction. It is recommended that no more than three programs be used at once.

The scalar energy and the 18 healing frequencies can be used to imprint your eye glasses, bracelets, necklaces, iFit, or apple watches and can also be taken internally via the imprinted water. The Pain-Away I program can be used externally to scan an area of pain.

Yes. It is recommended that the Pain-Away I program be used externally over the area of pain; the Pain-Away II program should be used internally by means of the imprinted water.

Normally no. Caution must be used in any person who is on four to six different medications. The more chemical poisons in the body, the greater the chance of causing a detox reaction.

Yes. It is recommended that eye glasses, bracelets, necklaces be charged with scalar energy and 18 healing frequencies be used during the day. This program is designed to improve your overall health, energy, and sense of well-being.

Yes. Once the program is selected and started, just hold your eye glasses in close proximity to the video being played.

Yes. Since children’s bodies are smaller, they need a smaller amount of imprinted water. One ounce in most cases will work.

At this time we do not have any research on infants. The recommendation at this time is only to use a quarter of an ounce of imprinted water with the scalar energy and 18 healing frequencies on infants.  

The Pain-Away I program is for external use only because it has the frequency of a local anesthetic; In addition, it has the frequency of DMSO, and magnesium both of which help reduce inflammation. 

The Pain-Away II Program has numerous antioxidants (curcumin, glutathione, resveratrol, quercetin, superoxide dismutase, and others), a powerful adaptogen (cordyceps), the frequency of vitamin D3, and highly oxygenated water plus anti-inflammatories all of which work best when taken internally.